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Supply/Inventory Planning

Tactical & Operational Decision Planning

For some organizations, supply planning focuses on creating supply at a lower cost rather than balancing demand, considering margin improvement and service impacts, and making decisions aligned with business priorities and corporate strategy. The key is managing all supply and inventory planning activities as a network within an end-to-end analysis and selecting agile scenarios versus cost-optimized ones when the business strategy demands it. Inventory planning should be part of the analysis and will guide the supply plans’ impact on the inventory position.

The Digital Planning Twin™ enables planners to include all constraints in the analysis to develop alternatives to optimize the supply response and fulfill demand profitably.

Your Key Decisions Optimized
  • Inventory planning optimization
  • Supply planning
  • Capacity planning
  • Demand planning
Solving Complex Questions
  • How much carrying capacity (physical storage and working capital) is needed? What to build ahead and when? When to draw down
  • Minimum inventory operation levels
  • Is there any benefit of prebuilding inventory?
  • Scaling up or down resources (people/shifts) to increase or decrease manufacturing capacity?
Demonstrated Value

Up Arrow Productivity and margins

down blue arrow Operational costs by creating optimal production plans

down blue arrow Operating costs

Up Arrow Production capacity

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