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Business Continuity Planning & Supply Chain Risk

Strategic Decisions

How can you incorporate risk in the decision making? BCP is another way to define risk, identify times to recovery and times to survive. A cross-functional approach to balance trade-offs amid different business objectives by optimizing policy and strategic decisions.

It aims to prepare the organization to avoid, absorb, and recover from the business impact of major disruptions through a risk-balanced approach that maximizes the target business outcomes under different scenarios.

Your Key Decisions Optimized
  • Risk and resiliency
  • Analysis / Risk tolerance
  • Contingency planning
  • Supply chain policies
Solving Complex Questions
  • How do we respond to unexpected disruptions?
  • How robust, responsive, and flexible is my supply chain design to changes in key drivers?
  • How should my supply chain react to disruptions and special events?
Demonstrated Value

Up Arrow Margins (Ultimately Up Arrow structural EBITDA and Up Arrow free cash flow)

down blue arrow Operational risk

Up Arrow Scenario visibility

Up Arrow Scenario agility / Time to respond

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