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Production Strategy

Strategic Decisions

Make-versus-buy; acquiring additional production capacity and flexibility are critical decisions in manufacturing networks, especially when they go beyond cost savings. Even though cost continues to be a primary objective in any production strategy, other goals such as flexibility, time to market, and geography are making a significant impact on such decisions because a production location that once provided significant cost advantages may now be subject to geopolitical risks, economic challenges, or rising labor rates.

Your Key Decisions Optimized
  • Make vs. Buy
  • Production capacity changes
Solving Complex Questions
  • What impact do we have if we change production shifts?
  • Do I have any benefit if I change the production mix between sites?
  • Can I get benefit of Product Substitution or alternative Bill of Materials?
  • Decide make-or-buy strategies and consider production capacity changes
Demonstrated Value

Up Arrow Productivity and margins

down blue arrow Operational costs by creating optimal production plans

down blue arrow Operating costs

Up Arrow Production capacity

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