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Infrastructure Strategy & Capacity Planning

Strategic Decisions

Infrastructure Strategy and Capacity Planning analysis identifies the best use of existing and potential capacity when comparing supply/capacity with demand changes across manufacturing and warehousing.

It is risky to intuitively manage capacity at a network level, as the trade-offs become interdependent and any moves across sites cause baseline manufacturing costs to shift. Instead, it requires a process that combines the ability to view complex variables and evaluate different options to arrive at analytically driven decision-making. However, only a minority of companies have this capacity for planning.

Your Key Decisions Optimized
  • Manufacturing Footprint
  • Supplier Strategy
  • Investment Allocation
  • Long-term Capacity Optimization
  • Greenfield Analysis
Solving Complex Questions
  • How many manufacturing locations are required? Where should they be located?
  • Make vs. Buy? What are the ideal supplier terms?
  • How best to adjust capacity and labor requirements seasonally?
  • What is the optimal allocation of capital to improve the footprint? Should machines be upgraded or replaced?
Demonstrated Value

down blue arrow Operating costs

Up Arrow Production capacity

Up Arrow Return On assets

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