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Order Allocation

Tactical & Operational Decisions

Amid demand volatility and high uncertainty, Order Allocation will answer the questions of where you will make it and how you will make it, but in the context of the larger problem you are solving, to support overall strategic goals: SLAs, Profits and cost reduction. This context generates accurate and detailed results to be executed.

Order Allocations decisions depend on the operational and tactical analysis required for execution. The analysis includes real constraints such as inventory, product availability, transportation capacity, lead times, and sourcing/country of origin. The optimization analysis can be the extent to cover manufacturing, including production scheduling.

Your Key Decisions Optimized
  • Allocate orders (suppliers & Transfers) based on cost, availability, and lead time
Solving Complex Questions
  • Allocate materials to specific orders
  • How to optimize order allocation across suppliers and transfer existing inventory?
  • How to optimize commercial relationships, including supplier arrangements, customer contracts, product substitutions, etc.?
Demonstrated Value
  • Minimizing costs (Up to 10% Cost Reduction)
  • Maximizing SLA
  • Maximizing profit

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