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Production Scheduling

Tactical & Operational Decisions

Production Scheduling describes which activities must be performed in what time frame and how the manufacturing facilities’ resources should be utilized to satisfy a production plan. Optimize production schedules by shift, day, and week, evaluating business objectives such as cost and profit.

Respect constraints such as component availability, production wheels (sequencing), change-over times, inventory min./max., labor availability, etc. Consider relevant costs, such as raw materials, labor (including over-time premiums), change-over downtime, inventory, differential yields, etc. Expand the optimization to consider production planning optionality, such as moving production across lines and even manufacturing locations.

Your Key Decisions Optimized
  • Lot sizes / Frequency
  • Production sequencing
  • Changeover management
  • Volume Vs. Cost
  • Inventory
Demonstrated Value
  • Minimizing costs (Up to 10% Cost Reduction)
  • Maximizing SLA
  • Maximizing profit

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