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Our Digital Planning Twin™
What if you could see full-scale, end-to-end scenarios of your value chain, including financials? ​​
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What if you could do it without writing a single line of code?
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What if the answer to those questions was the Digital Planning Twin™?
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The foundation of River Logic’s technology is a Digital Planning Twin™, an advanced platform that provides business leaders with an intuitive user interface that allows them to visualize and interact with their value chain in an easy, fast way – all while solving complex, cross-functional trade-off decisions to optimize key objectives like growth, margin, service levels, and more.   

The power of the Digital Planning Twin™ lies in its ability to help companies easily and thoroughly assess a truly end-to-end set of scenarios, not only including the entire value chain but also the product portfolio, sustainability, and the financial outcome in terms of profitability and the impact of financial policies and constraints. 

Many companies have trouble modeling supply chains because they cannot represent unique constraints quickly. The Digital Planning Twin™ was developed as a code-free platform with an intuitive “drag and drop” interface. It allows business users to represent precisely the reality of their business, including unique constraints and integrating full financials into their models to make them more robust and realistic. The Digital Planning Twin ™ empowers business users to adapt the technology to their business reality effortlessly without needing a data scientists team. 

Digital Twin Vs. Digital Planning Twin™. What’s The Difference?

What’s the difference between other Digital Twins and our proprietary Digital Planning Twin™? A Digital Twin is a virtual representation of a physical system, process, or product that allows for real-time monitoring, analysis, and optimization. Our Digital Planning Twin™ is a revolutionary platform that helps companies easily assess a truly end-to-end set of scenarios. Instead of outlining a single process or product, now you can view the entire value chain, including the product portfolio, sustainability, the impact of financial policies, constraints, and the financial outcome of your scenarios in terms of profitability. The Digital Planning Twin™ is an all-encompassing representation of your entire operation and the optimal platform for valuable decision making.

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The Digital Planning Twin™ Drives Value:   

Higher Agility and Flexibility

The Digital Planning Twin™ allows companies to extend the number of variables that could impact decisions, reducing the time of scenario evaluation from weeks to hours.  

Digital Planning Twin™

The Digital Planning Twin™ allows supply chain leaders to gain the ability to make faster, better, and real optimization decisions, by connecting strategic, tactical, and operational models.

Profit Improvement

The financial integration extends from cost transformation to margin-based optimization to identify cost savings that do not sacrifice profit and creates a GAAP-compliant ROI roadmap that aligns with the client’s operational and financial leadership. 

Our Datasheet

This comprehensive resource provides an in-depth overview of our technology, including its key features and some sample use cases. 

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