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Cement Manufacturing

4 Key Opportunities in Cement Supply Chain Optimization

This approach has demonstrated a remarkable impact, driving between 1% to 5% margin points down to the bottom line – a tangible improvement that translates into additional revenue.

  1. End-to-End Optimization: Initiate your optimization journey from suppliers, covering all aspects from manufacturing to sourcing, capacity planning, and customer engagement.
  2. Real Economics vs. Standard Costing: Move beyond a fixed cost per unit approach and embrace the true dynamics of shipping, material, conversion, and labor costs.
  3. Granular Insights: Explore specific opportunities like blending throughout your network.
  4. Sustainability as an Opportunity: Amid concerns about carbon emissions, turn this challenge into an opportunity.

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Eco Materials Technologies: A Journey in Supply Chain Transformation

The cement manufacturing industry is no stranger to challenges, and supply chain leaders in this sector constantly seek innovative solutions to navigate the complex terrain of material distribution and operational optimization. In this Customer Testimonial, we delve into a remarkable transformation journey led by the Supply Chain Vice President at Eco Materials Technologies (EMT), a leader in the eco-friendly cement manufacturing industry. EMT’s collaboration with River Logic demonstrates how optimization tools can transform cement manufacturing.

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