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River Logic Dramatically Advances Supply Chain Experience with Enhancements to its Digital Planning Twin™
May 4, 2023

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River Logic’s technological innovation provides a more intuitive experience for diverse supply chain customers

DALLAS, May 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — River Logic, a leading provider of supply chain design and planning solutions, announced an upgraded release of its state-of-the-art platform. The foundation of River Logic´s platform is the Digital Planning Twin™ that provides business leaders with an advanced set of solutions allowing them to make real and accurate strategic and tactical end-to-end decisions.

 “Supply chain users need to answer complex questions faster – and they need to do so with the confidence that models are accurate and truly represent the company’s end-to-end value chain,” said Peter Bull, River Logic’s chief technology officer. This upgrade enables enterprises to visualize and interact with their entire value chain, and helps companies simplify complex decisions to optimize key objectives,” added Bull. 

Among the features of the enhancement:

  • Expanded out of the box models which allow enterprises to truly represent the reality of their business, including the extended value chain, integrating full financials into their business models
  • Incorporation of CO2e emissions across the value chain, mapping back to Levels 1, 2 and 3 requirements. CO2e emissions can be represented as KPIs, costs, constraints and/or objectives
  • Cutting edge, powerful and best-in-class mapping for geo data that power business intelligence and dashboard capabilities, helping organizations make decisions more quickly
  • Enhanced workflows that enable easier, faster collaboration amongst functions across the value chain.


“Our vision to enable businesses to manage their supply chain towards profitability and margins is now a reality. Our new product capabilities are a result of collaboration and continued work with valued customers that help us scope and better understand the needs of supply chain leaders,” said Carlos Centurion, president of River Logic. “Customers can now act more quickly and broaden their decision-making capabilities across the entire value chain, including multiple organizational disciplines.”

“With this enhancement in place,” continued Centurion, “enterprises not only become leaner and more efficient, but they also affect topline growth opportunities – and a true increase in profitability and margin expansion.”

The power of River Logic’s Digital Planning Twin™ lies in its ability to help companies easily and thoroughly assess a truly end-to-end set of scenarios, not only including the entire value chain but also the product portfolio, sustainability, and the financial outcome in terms of profitability and the impact of financial policies and constraints. 

About River Logic

Technology from Texas-based River Logic creates the confidence leaders need to solve complex planning problems across the enterprise. Purpose-built for business users, their platform enables end-to-end business optimization via advanced analytics and a revolutionary cloud experience that offers rapid scenario collaboration, data management, workflows, BI reporting, scalability and more.

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