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Blog Tag: Supply Chain Network Optimization

A Paradigm Shift in Traditional Network Design Software

Author: Nathan Goldstein Aligning supply chain strategy with corporate objectives is a critical determinant of success in modern business. Many have attempted to manipulate their traditional network design tools to achieve this alignment, yet few have succeeded. And the reasons are both vast and complex. While marketed as comprehensive solutions,

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Three Key Principles for Successful Supply Chain Network Design

Network design implementations are also notorious for spinning their wheels when scenario modeling and analysis bog down people and other resources to a point where initiatives fail, experience cost and schedule overruns, or simply underperform. So what can leaders do to support successful supply chain network design initiatives?

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Purchasing Manufacturing Network Design Software? Consider These Factors

Manufacturing network design software focuses on optimizing plant locations, capacity, and product flow paths. It can span what-ifs on internal production optionality versus outsourced production. Since COVID-19, companies need more flexibility and agility in scenario analysis, so they can ensure their networks are resilient to continued disruption. Thus, planners are

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