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Blog Tag: Capacity Planning

Infrastructure Strategy & Capacity Planning

Strategic decisions require a process that combines the ability to analyze complex variables and evaluate scenarios for data-driven decision-making. With supply chain tradeoffs becoming more interdependent and manufacturing site changes shifting costs, managing capacity through intuition and excel spreadsheets is, simply put, risky. Because it is critical for sufficient time

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How a Digital Planning Twin™ Drives Capacity Planning, Network Design, and Business Transformation

Underlying Technology in Digital Planning Twins From a technology perspective, a Digital Planning Twin is a constraint-based digital representation of an enterprise’s full value chain – including all commercial, operational, and financial components. Its cloud-based architecture ensures security and scalability, while no-code implementation and pre-built templates get businesses up and

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It’s Time to Move Beyond Rough Cut Capacity Planning

  Similar to the phrase ‘a guy goes into a bar,’ the concept of delivering profit across the entire product portfolio can seem like a punchline when it comes to rough-cut capacity planning (RCCP). Isn’t rough-cut capacity planning (RCCP) about meeting demand at the lowest cost?

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