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Blog Tag: Integrated Business Planning

What Do Top Supply Chain Companies Know About Analytics?

For example, why do L’Oreal and Apple consistently score notoriety over 29 other superior supply chain companies and more than 500 publicly-held ones?¹ We take a look at several reports on leading supply chain companies, specifically with the filter of advanced analytics, to highlight the answers.

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Integrated Business Planning: Why It’s Top of Mind for C-Levels

It’s in such situations that integrated business planning (IBP) is an effective mechanism for bridging the gap between the present and the future. Additionally, IBP support software that analyzes your data helps reduce the workload, while optimization software allows your team to evaluate scenarios and determine the best way to

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What’s the Difference between S&OP and IBP?

While most agree that adding a financial aspect enhances S&OP, there’s often a completely different understanding about its importance. So, let’s dig a bit deeper to understand the difference between S&OP and IBP. What Is S&OP? The first problem when trying to develop an understanding of S&OP is that the

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