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The 10 Must-Read Supply Chain Blogs for 2020

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At the same time, the Deloitte’s Global Chief Procurement Officer Survey 2019, released in October, shows businesses are increasingly concerned about their vulnerability to growing political and economic risks. Specifically, they are concerned about a possible downturn along with how to handle ongoing trade uncertainty. In this context, Deloitte has noted that many are viewing advanced analytics, such as prescriptive analytics, as appropriate technologies to help them make optimal decisions in what is becoming a more complex and uncertain business environment.

It is vital that supply chain managers keep abreast of these developments, and to help, we’ve put together a list of eleven of what we believe are the most inspiring supply chain blogs. All publish regular articles covering a range of supply chain topics, and most have a strong Twitter following. We’ve chosen blog sites that are user-friendly, where it’s easy to find relevant articles, and have avoided sites that require paid subscriptions except where access to supply chain blogs and other material is still free.

1. Supply Chain 24/7

Although not a blog site in the strictest sense of the word, Supply Chain 24/7 features news and views on a wide range of supply and logistics topics. It posts a number of news articles daily, allowing readers to keep up to date with latest supply chain news. The site has more than 15,400 Twitter followers, sending out tweets every few days. Papers, case studies and research articles are published from a wide range of companies. Focus is on providing the most relevant news and supply chain information, and there’s a comprehensive subject index at the bottom of the page. Free registration is required to access some content.

2. Supply Chain Digital

This is a free digital news magazine published monthly, financed through advertising. Additionally, the Supply Chain Digital website posts supply chain news articles daily and has a weekly newsletter. Its popularity is reflected by its more than 35,000 Twitter followers, and the large number of Twitter likes. Topics covered include digital transformation, the digital supply chain, data analytics, procurement logistics and risk and contract management. The site has a simple search function for locating articles of interest, and these may be further filtered into three categories: stories, companies and features.

3. Supply Chain Management Review

Although primarily a subscription-based magazine, Supply Chain Management Review publishes freely accessible news, supply chain blogs, webcasts and interviews on its site on a daily basis. The magazine models itself on the Harvard Business Review and publishes features and columns from business school academics, analytics and supply chain management practitioners. The website has more than 28,000 Twitter followers and numerous likes. The search function is by keyword, and it’s possible to filter results into news, supply chain blogs, white papers, special reports and premium-only content. The top of the page offers useful links to different supply chain topics, such as procurement, sourcing, education, finance, management, software and technology.

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4. Supply Chain Matters

Published by Bob Ferrari, Supply Chain Matters is an independent blog offering unbiased information about supply chain management and deployment topics. Ferrari has nearly 12,000 Twitter followers and tweets important supply chain news and topics several times a week. He and his team are prolific blog writers, putting out daily articles on a variety of supply chain topics. There’s a useful search function and a comprehensive index of over 80 different topics and themes, so it’s easy to find relevant material. Ferrari Consulting is a boutique analyst and advisory organization that helps companies optimize their supply chain management and technology.

5. SupplyChainBrain

Operated by publishing house Keller International Publishing Corp, SupplyChainBrain is targeted at high-level supply chain executives. The site offers news, views and articles related to various supply chain topics, including emerging trends, technology, logistics, supply chain management and warehousing with a regional focus. The site has nearly 40,000 Twitter followers and it publishes daily supply chain blogs. A free subscription provides access to daily and specialty newsletters, case studies, white papers and webinars. Additionally, the subscription provides free access to a digital magazine offering in-depth articles and analysis. There’s also a comprehensive supplier directory that provides contact information and a short synopsis of each company.

6. MIT Supply Chain

Previously called Supply Chain @ MIT, MIT Supply Chain is published by the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics. MIT Supply Chain regards itself as a world leader in education, research and ideas for supply chain management. It has 29,000 Twitter followers and sends out daily tweets. The site publishes several supply chain blogs each week from leading academics and independent contributors. Articles have an academic slant, are often thought-provoking and deal with hot issues such as future supply chain technologies, data science, green eCommerce, sustainability and the interaction between procurement and the environment. As would be expected, supply chain research features predominantly. An archive provides access to older supply chain blogs, and there’s a comprehensive tag index.

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7. Supply Chain Today

An interesting and slightly unconventional blog, Supply Chain Today posts regular blogs on a number of subjects. Popular topics include artificial intelligence, blockchain, the digital supply chain, inventory, logistics, procurement and sourcing. The site has nearly 21,000 Twitter followers, over 8,000 likes and multiple daily tweets. Hot topics include controversial industrialists such as Musk, self-driving cars, robotics, and artificial intelligence. Related blog categories include supply chain, innovation, leadership, continuous improvement, logistics and manufacturing. This blog tends to focus on future innovation such as AI, drones and the future of the supply chain while also giving plenty of space for supply chain leadership, lean management, and past and present supply chain leaders.

8. Steve Banker on Forbes

Steve Banker is a highly respected supply chain management analyst working as Vice President of Supply Chain Services at ARC Advisory Group. Holding an MBA, a Ph.D. and with stints as Professor at Stonehill College and Pennsylvania State University, his thought-provoking blogs are characterized by an objective point of view reflecting his in-depth understanding of supply chain issues. He is a regular Forbes contributor, publishing several supply chain and logistics blogs each month. He also makes regular contributions to the Logistics Viewpoint, a service for logistics professionals who need to stay in touch with trends in the supply chain industry.

9. Supply Chain Shaman

Published by Lora Cecere, the Supply Chain Shaman blog deals with burning supply chain issues with a particular focus on gaining value from supply chain planning. Known for her forthright comments, Lora’s blog covers using enterprise applications to drive supply chain excellence. She has over 30 years of supply chain experience working as a supply chain practitioner with large multinational food and personal care companies, and as an analyst for AMR Research (now Gartner) before starting her own research company, Supply Chain Insights in 2012. She has monthly columns in CGT Magazine and Supply Chain Management Review and frequently contributes to Supply Chain Brain, CIO Magazine, and the CSCMP Quarterly.

10. Supply Chain Movement

As a monthly digital magazine, Supply Chain Movement provides a European perspective into global supply chain issues. Although subscription based, the publication offers a wide range of free content, including research papers, case studies, regular blogs and market trends. The magazine has more than 13,000 subscribers and publishes content on YouTube and LinkedIn as well as occasional tweets from its CEO, Martin Lofvers.

11. Smarter With Gartner

Providing expert guidance, the supply chain section of Smarter With Gartner deals with hot, current supply chain issues. Intended for busy executives, each short-form article gets right to the point, giving readers a succinct account of the topic at hand. Incorporating relevant Gartner research as well as expert analyst views, Smarter with Gartner is mobile-compatible and offers daily articles and infographics from a broad cross-section of global contributors. The site has more than 399,000 Twitter followers. There’s also a free weekly newsletter covering the latest business and technology news.

The Missing Link

These supply chain blogs offer a fascinating and comprehensive insight into the supply chain, covering a wide range of topics. However, there’s one subject that doesn’t get as much exposure, and that is the use of optimization modeling and prescriptive analytics to solve today’s knotty supply chain challenges. For this reason, we’ve included an additional section, the River Logic blog, offering an insight into how advanced analytics can revolutionize supply chain management.

River Logic Blog

The River Logic Blog highlights the use of the company’s Enterprise Optimizer software that allows users to model their business environment and uncover data-driven answers to supply chain issues. Additionally, the blog covers a wide range of general supply chain topics, such as sustainable supply chain planning and the autonomous supply chain.

The River Logic blog library contains over 350 blogs with several new ones added monthly. It features a typical keyword search function. There are also a number of white papers and case studies available on topics related to supply chain analytics and integrated business planning. River Logic’s Twitter followers number 1,300 and the organization tweets several times a day with links to useful articles.

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Keeping Inspired

These eleven, plus one, supply chain blogs can help you keep abreast of supply chain news and developments. There’s something for everyone. We’ve carefully chosen blogs that publish relevant content on a regular basis with particular emphasis on general supply chain issues. All offer fresh ideas, discuss ways to improve supply chain performance and offer insights into technological, regulatory and other changes that may affect your supply chain. We hope you enjoy them.