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River Logic Noted as Major Innovator in the European Supply Chain Software

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Each year, Supply Chain Movement publishes a “Subway Map” of European Supply Chain Information Technology. Supply chain modeling solutions (like River Logic) aren’t yet well represented in the European market, so this category of software wasn’t represented in SCM’s Subway Map. That being said, River Logic was noted as a major player in the following categories:

  • Risk Management
  • Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)
  • Supply Chain Network Design

As noted by the research, cloud-based S&OP solutions are quickly becoming more robust, along with transport management solutions. Further, as the complexity of supply chains continue to increase, risk management solutions are also becoming an essential to companies globally.

Martijn Lofvers of Supply Chain Movement stated the following about the European supply chain market:

“At European level, the use of supply chain software is advancing at different speeds. Many companies are still working on implementing software to support their periodic sales & operations planning (S&OP) decision-making process. It has long been clear that this solution does not necessarily have to come from the same vendor as the ERP system – which often tends to be from SAP, Oracle, Microsoft AX or Infor. When choosing the best sub-solution, a best-of-breed approach is most logical now that various software can be integrated – including with cloud-based solutions – relatively easily.”

River Logic was also noted as one of the innovators noted in SCM’s research. “One completely new type of supply chain software emerging is the self-configurable platform which enables the creation of an optimization model for a wide range of advanced analysis. Successful suppliers of such platforms for predictive and prescriptive analytics include Aimms, Locom and River Logic,” finished Lofvers (source).