Opportune LLP Announces Partnership with River Logic to Drive Value in the Energy Market

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Opportune Partner, Kurt King explains, “Opportune’s clients have complex supply chains with a lot of optionality. We look for tools that provide actionable insight into a client’s business by not only analyzing past performance, but also identifying future actions to maximize returns. River Logic provides the tools necessary to identify constraints in our clients’ business and to realize financial improvement when those constraints are removed.” King added, “We are also very excited about clients applying River Logic’s optimization capabilities to their long-term capital investment analysis where numerous independent and competing investments can be maximized at the portfolio level.”

“Opportune focuses on the serving business leaders in the Energy industry, so they understand how energy clients make money, how their supply chain works, the challenges they face, and their options for moving forward,” said Carlos Centurion, President at River Logic. “This differentiates them from a generic, technology-based consulting firm because River Logic’s solution is all about understanding the client, their business, and their unique problems — that’s where it all starts.”

Opportune plans to utilize River Logic to add value to their clients by maximizing the optionality of their logistics assets, including pipelines, marine vessels, storage, rail cars, refineries, fractionators, and gas plants. By leveraging the data in clients’ energy trading, risk management, and asset management systems, Opportune plans to unlock the full value of those assets and deliver financial and operational performance improvement.

About River Logic

River Logic, Inc. has been a global innovator in prescriptive analytics since 2000. The company’s mission has been to establish optimization-based prescriptive analytics as the leading approach to business decision making. Built on the Microsoft cloud, its platform removes the need for complex planning in spreadsheet and delivers trustworthy, high impact plans to decision makers in any part of the business. With a multitude of global partners and over 1100 person-years of experience, it has been used to solve some of the most complex planning problems across nearly every vertical. For more information on River Logic, Inc., please visit our website at www.riverlogic.com.

About Opportune

Opportune LLP is a leading global energy consulting firm specializing in adding value to clients across the energy industry, including upstream, midstream, downstream, power and gas, commodities trading, and oilfield services. Opportune’s service lines include: chemical engineering, complex financial reporting, dispute resolution, enterprise risk, outsourcing, process and technology, reserve engineering and geosciences, restructuring, strategy and organization, tax, transactional due diligence, and valuation. For more information on Opportune LLP, please visit our website at www.opportune.com.